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Botox is an excellent solution for fine facial lines and wrinkles. Dr. Imran Haque helps Asheboro, NC and surrounding area patients with anti-aging solutions including Botox, dermal fillers, and much more.

Botox Q & A

by Imran P. Haque, MD

What is Botox?

Botox is a type of prescription injection that is administered by your doctor. Botox works by forcing the muscles in the face to stop making the movements that cause wrinkles. When Botox is administered by a professional, it can be specifically targeted to the areas that the patient is most concerned about.

What Areas of the Face is Botox Used In?

The most popular areas for Botox are the forehead and the outer edges of the eyes. Many people develop vertical lines between their eyebrows as they age, and Botox can completely relax those muscles to smooth away the wrinkles. Horizontal lines on the forehead are also quite common, as are slightly drooping eyelids. Botox can resolve nearly any line or wrinkle problem in the forehead area. For people who suffer from the lines that fan out from the edges of the eyes, often called "crow's feet," Botox can be an excellent remedy as well.

How Much Will Botox Cost?

The price of Botox treatments varies according to how much of the product is needed. Dr. Haque carefully evaluates each patient's face and discusses treatment goals in depth. Botox is priced by the unit. Some patients may need only around ten units at a time while others may require 40 units or more to achieve the results they are looking for.

When Should You Start Botox Treatments?

The answer can be different for each person. In general, you don't have to wait until you have seriously developed wrinkles to start Botox treatments. Botox really shines as a preventative wrinkle treatment, so the sooner that the treatment is started the most effective it will be at keeping wrinkles away.

How Often do You Need Botox Treatments?

This can vary by person, but Botox lasts for around three months in most patients. If you begin a regular Botox schedule, you may find that you need less frequent touch-up treatments.

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